Stories from the classroom: Life Skills Effects 1st Quarter 2016


We believe in developing the personal and social well being of the 800 children we mentor through our Life Skills lessons and after school clubs. For many years our life skills workers have been helped these young learners’ develop positive self esteem and realise the immense value they carry – and that they can change their world!

  • Time and time again our mentors see the importance of having an open and engaging platform for learners to talk through tough topics. Either parents are too busy or the school is viewed as being responsible for bringing up the children; leaving complicated topics like puberty, relationships and friendships without any discussion. In order for them to develop as adults, learners need to have the opportunity to reflect, discuss and act, an opportunity the life skills class provides.
  • The Boys and Girls Club provides a safe and fun space for learners to explore creative and sporting interests. The four schools the Life Skills Project works into don’t always have the resources to offer stimulating afternoon activities, so our clubs facilitate sessions on soccer, aerobics and medical talks. We’re all about creating a well-rounded learner!
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