#DominoRiders tackle the Cape Town Cycle Race 2017


Join the #DominoRiders as they tackle the


to raise funds for The Domino Foundation Recycle Swop Shop!



We are a collective of like-minded individuals who are inspired, motivated and encouraged to see the world changed. The Domino Foundation is a non-profit organisation that creates essential structures geared towards supporting programmes that are meeting the needs of individuals and communities physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually through MERCY, JUSTICE and EMPOWERMENT. With our desire to see individuals and communities within South Africa living in DIGNITY, JUSTICE, HOPE and PURPOSE our programmes currently reach communities within KZN and the Western Cape, combatting a multitude of social challenges.

THE CAUSE – RECYCLE SWOP SHargus-2017-fb-post-2OP

THE DOMINO FOUNDATION has three recycle swop shops operating within a number of impoverished communities throughout the Western Cape. Our vision is to uplift the communities living in informal settlements through using recyclable goods as a means of exchange for basic necessities. IN A NUT-SHELL:  Community members collect recyclable materials and bring them to the Recycle Swop Shop. Items are weighed and a corresponding value is given in tokens (cashless). These tokens are then used within the shop to purchase basic necessities, clothing, hygiene items and more. We have seen a reduction in the number of recyclable items entering landfill sites and the beautifying of the surrounding communities through the collection of waste. Communities are healthier and happier with a positive impact on the environment.

The #DominoRiders will raise much needed funds for THE DOMINO FOUNDATION RECYCLE SWOP SHOP to continue to provide this service to the community and allow us to reach our dream of opening new swop shops within local townships.


Join the #DominoRiders as they tackle 2017’s Cape Argus Cycle Tour in support of THE DOMINO FOUNDATION. The team will take to the beautiful peninsula of Cape Town to cycle through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, while completing the 109KM that is The Cape Town Cycle Tour. THE DOMINO FOUNDATION has secured a charity batch which provides GUARANTEED ENTRIES, a GROUP START TIME (seeded times allow for earlier start if rider qualifies) and LATER CLOSING DATES for entries.

The #DominoRiders also qualify for a truly spectacular cycling package.

R1500-00 per entry gets you a;

  • GUARANTEED Cape Town Cycle Race entry
  • High quality Domino Cycling top
  • Domino Goodie Bag
  • And a donation towards The Domino Foundation Recycle Swop Shop

Simply contact Rowan Phillips (marketing@domino.org.za ) or Shaun Tait (shaun@domino.org.za) if you are interested in joining the #DominoRiders as they tackle the CapeTown Cycle Race 2017 for THE DOMINO FOUNDATION!

But hurry – entries close on Tuesday 29 November 2016!


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#KnowYourNPO: Red Light

We’re excited to announce that from October Red Light Anti Human Trafficking officially joined The Domino Foundation as one of our community transformation initiatives. Which makes it the perfect time to shed some light on our newest programme! Read about Red Light here, what this union means for you and how you can get involved.

#1. Did you know that 27 million people are a victim of human trafficking across the globe Human Trafficking = Exploitation of vulnerabilities.


#2. Red Light reaches out and assists survivors of human trafficking and exploited sex workers who feel they cannot exit the industry due to social and economic circumstances. Although Red Light works with victims of sex trafficking you cannot truly separate sex trafficking from other forms of human trafficking – forced labour or being smuggled into a country means that individuals are more likely to be exploited for commercial sex acts.


#3. As one of the few second phase human trafficking programmes in our country, we have a heart to see exploited human-trafficked survivors restored to hope and dignity. We do this through REACHING OUT, RESTORING and RELEASING victims of human trafficking to fulfil their purpose and destiny.

#5. Our vision is to reach out, restore and release survivors of exploitation and Human Trafficking. We do this through equipping and empowering individuals spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively to be able to fulfil their purpose and destiny.

#6. We are motivated to see the chains of oppression broken and the oppressed set free!  This is done through REACHING OUT into Durban’s areas of high prostitution and exploitation. Red Lights heart is to LOVE and build sustainable relationships with the ladies and identify and assist those who are exploited or vulnerable to exploitation.


#7. Red Light has a RESTORATION programme for Human Trafficked survivors and sex workers who are vulnerable to exploitation. Our Drop-in Center creates an environment where we offer emotional, financial and spiritual support with the aim to restore Dignity and Hope.

#8.Red Light’s programmes are based on LOVE and the word of God to release our beneficiaries into sustainable lives of FREEDOM and HOPE.

#9. Do you want to support a Survivor of Human trafficking but aren’t sure how? Simply sign up to MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet (It cost’s you NOTHING) and make The Domino Foundation a beneficiary. Every time you shop at participating outlets, the store donates a portion of your shopping cost to us! Sign up to the MySchool programme here: http://www.dom


#10. Support The Domino Foundation Red Light Programme by donating through Zapper South Africa. Simply take out your phone, scan the QR code below and select an amount to donate. Proceeds will go towards supporting survivors of Human Trafficking.





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Who is The Domino Foundation?

Who exactly is The Domino Foundation and what do they do?

So Red Light joined The Domino Foundation at the beginning of October and kicked off Human Trafficking awareness week (3 – 7 October) by presenting at a number of corporates and donors to educate their staff on the ills of Human Trafficking (HT).

It was an incredible week raising awareness through our #ISeeYou and #Bagging campaign and a number of people participated in the weeks events. And now that HT awareness week is over, the dust has started to settle and the transition into The Domino Foundation is well on its way. But who is The Domino Foundation and what do they do?

Well we hope to answer exactly that question over the next few weeks and help YOU to #KnowYourNPO now that we (Red Light Anti-Human Trafficking) are a part of The Domino Foundation.

We will look at:

  • WHAT does The Domino Foundation do?
  • WHY do we do what we do?
  • HOW do we do it?
  • Ways to SUPPORT us as part of The Domino Foundation.

“Essentially, at the core of who we are, is a collective of like-minded individuals who are inspired, motivated and encouraged to see the world changed.”

So keep checking on Facebook this week and follow the hashtag #KnowYourNPO for more!


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#KnowYourNPO #RedLight

How much do you really know about The Domino Foundation?

Over the past few months our #KnowYourNPO campaign has been examining each of The Domino Foundation’s seven community transformation programmes. Over 3 weeks, we take some time to focus on exactly (1) WHAT the programme is, (2) WHY we do it and show you (3) HOW the programme is implemented. We also share some exciting ways for you to engage with and throw your weight behind these initiatives to multiply the good work we are doing. Our aim of this campaign is to share with the world the work we are involved in and hope that individuals gain a greater understanding and the ‘bigger picture’ of the expansive work we do. (No – we don’t ONLY manage abandoned babies homes – WE DO SO MUCH MORE!)

The month of October is an important period on the Human Trafficking calendar. We as a country celebrated Human Trafficking Awareness week between 03 October – 07 October and we as The Domino Foundation took up the fight and joined forces with Red Light Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative to form a new programme under The Domino Foundation. So this month, our #KnowYourNPO campaign will focus on The Domino Foundation Red Light Programme and shed some light on WHAT it is, WHY we do it, HOW we do it and WAYS for you TO SUPPORT it! #KnowYourNPO #RedLight


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This October, The Domino Foundation shines a RED LIGHT on Human Trafficking in a bid to raise awareness against this modern day form of slavery.

Throughout the week of the 03 – 07 October, we’re asking the public to take a stand and use their (cyber) voices to raise awareness against this evil. Join in on our #ISeeYou Campaign and add your voice to call the end to human trafficking.

#ISeeYou what does it mean?

The concept of #Bagging was inspired by the survivors of Human Trafficking themselves. With 15 million vulnerable individuals in Africa falling prey to Human Trafficking alone, the reality is that most of these individuals are invisible or ANonymous. Where are they?

So, the idea of placing a bag over your head (hiding your identity), with the letters A.N. inscribed, represents us taking a stand and saying, “I see you” – making the world more aware of the day-to-day realities of millions of A.Nonymous individuals.

Help stop human trafficking by saying, “I see you” to  ‘A.Nonymous’ trafficked survivors and vulnerable women and children and acknowledge that every 30 seconds someone becomes a victim of human trafficking. Join us by simply:

  1. Change your profile picture to the image below (Save/Download, then update on FB)
  2. Share the image from our online platforms (The Domino Foundation / Red Light Anti-Human Trafficking)
  3. Make a status using the hashtag #ISeeYou and #Bagging


Having recently joined the fight against human trafficking, The Domino Foundation seeks to see individuals and communities within South Africa living with dignity, justice, hope and purpose through transformation achieved by showing acts of mercy, combating injustice and empowering lives.

In conjunction with the National Freedom Network, South Africa is shining a light on Human Trafficking through an Awareness week from Monday 3rd October to Friday 7th October. This week will provide a perfect platform to relaunch Red Light as a programme of The Domino Foundation as well as raise much-needed awareness to combat the scourge of Human Trafficking. This week also allows YOU, the public, to actively get involved, say #ISeeYou and play a part in ending Human Trafficking.

*South African National Human Trafficking Resource line. http://www.0800222777.org.za

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RED LIGHT Joins the #DominoEffect

We are excited to announce that as of October 2016, Red Light Anti-Human Trafficking has officially joined the Domino Effect and will operate as a programme of The Domino Foundation.

The vision and mission of The Domino Foundation is to see individuals and communities within South Africa living with dignity, justice, hope and purpose through transformation achieved by showing acts of mercy, combating injustice and empowering lives.

The Red Light initiative was birthed from a desire to restore hope and dignity to trafficked survivors through rehabilitation and reintegration programmes thus releasing individuals into sustainable lives of freedom and purpose.

“With a passion to see lives transformed and a motivation to combat injustices, the synergies between the two organisations highlight the benefit of this union. Red Light will continue to REACH OUT, RESTORE and RELEASE survivors, forming a new programme of The Domino Foundation” – Richard Mun-Gavin, Executive chairman of The Domino Foundation.

In conjunction with the National Freedom Network (The NFN), South Africa is celebrating Human trafficking Awareness week between Monday 03 October – Friday 07 October. This week will provide a perfect platform to re-launch Red Light as a programme of The Domino Foundation as well as raise much needed awareness to combat the scourge of Human Trafficking. Join us online as we raise awareness for Human Trafficking. We encourage each and every one of you to get involved, raise your [cyber] voice and say “I see You” to the millions of anonymous victims of Human Trafficking worldwide. #Bagging #ISeeYou


We have already begun gradually transitioning Red Light into the systems and support that The Domino Foundation offers. Existing donors and partners will join the Domino Family and become part of an organisation that reaches thousands of individuals daily.

For YOU personally– this expansion is exciting and something that you can take a hold of. We believe that you can be proud to be associated with an organisation that currently oversees transformation initiatives impacting Social justice, Education, Health care promotion, Nutrition, Environmental issues and Entrepreneurial activities.

We would encourage you to partner with these programmes (Seven initiatives in total), connect with the teams involved and use your spheres of influence to leverage support for these initiatives, be it finance, provision of goods and services or volunteering your time. Find more ways to support online here: www.domino.org.za

We are inspired and excited for the future opportunities and possibilities that this expansion provides. We wholeheartedly believe in these teams, in their story and we look forward to growing together as The Domino Foundation.

Together we are radically transforming individual’s lives and releasing them into true freedom.


fb-images-cover-photoWe see you.Help stop human trafficking by saying, “#ISeeYou” to  “A.Nonymous” trafficked survivors and vulnerable women and children and acknowledge that every 30 seconds someone becomes a victim of human trafficking. Red Light, now part of The Domino Foundation, is raising awareness for Human Trafficking Awareness Week, happening 3 – 7 October. Photograph: The Domino Foundation #ISeeYou

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Stories from the nursery: 3rd Quarter 2016

The two Domino Babies Homes have seen a flurry of activity over the past three months. Not only has there been lots of day-to-day maintenance as well as volunteers coming to play with our babies but on the night of the 1st September 2016, a passerby alerted us to a tiny newborn that had been abandoned on our doorstep. Needless to say, we jumped into rescue mode.

We immediately brought her inside and warmed her up, phoned the police and then took her to the hospital to be checked. Not even a day old the little girl might have had a rough start to her life but we count it SUCH a privilege to care for these precious children and are constantly in awe that we are able to change destinies through all programmes at The Domino Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our two Babies Homes – your support has not gone unnoticed! A big thank you to Dischem  and the Christain Motorcycle Association who donated large amounts of much-needed baby supplies.



In Ububele…

Baby R continues to thrive in Grade R and in all school activities. The lively seven-year-old has been with Domino for a year. Just like the other children Baby R started to come into her own after arriving at Domino, the care and love of the Babies’ Home staff settling her soul and stimulating her mind.

Baby S’s is a five-year-old boy who arrived at the Domino Babies’ Home almost a year ago after he was abandoned at Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital. His health is improving every day and we know he’ll be strong enough to go to school next year.

Baby U is settling in nicely to her new home and is learning how to speak English and isiZulu. The police found the little two-year-old girl walking on the street. Precious and the caregivers believe she’s from another African country because she’s been unable to speak in English, isiZulu or Xhosa. After a few months of gentle guidance and teaching, she now is starting to learn the names of the other children and some simple words.

Baby V is a bubbly little ball of joy. The seven-month-old has just learned how to crawl and is enjoying her new transition home. Child welfare is still investigating her family and deciding if she should be adopted or taken back to her family.


In Fairhavens…

Baby Q is a healthy seven-month-old who has recovered from his chest and breathing problems. He’s now ready for adoption and the social workers are looking for a home for Baby Q.

Baby M is a beautiful five-year-old girl who has been with Domino Babies’ Home for over a year. She loves going to Preschool and is busy preparing for the school play, which is coming up soon. Child welfare is still looking for a loving home for the little girl.

Baby N is the brother of Baby M and has just gone through a phase of ‘the terrible twos’ – something all parents will be familiar with! The home’s routine, as well as the caregivers’ constant love, has ensured Baby N has moved through the terrible twos and into the next, much calmer, stage of his development.

Baby O and Baby P are sisters and are in the process of finding their forever home. As it is with all adoptions and fostering it’s up to the children to determine the pace of leaving the transitional home – once they have warmed up to their new parents then the adoption can go ahead.


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Stories from the crèche: 3rd Quarter 2016

We dream of seeing active learning taking place in crèches around South Africa, where Early Childhood Development centers are not just a baby-sitting service but a place for young children to learn, develop and grow.

For the past three years, we’ve been working tirelessly into 23 crèches in Amaoti through empowering ECD center educators and owners with essential education and enterprise skills. There have been great successes and as we prepare to slowly step away from them we look back at the programme through the eyes of our ECD mentors.


“Firstly, I would like to say it is a privilege and honour to serve the Amaoti community through ECD. Working with little ones gives me the reason to serve God to the fullest. Through The Domino Foundation I’m now a qualified ECD educator with ECD NQF level 4 and am able to assist and mentor ECD teachers in the community to implement active learning in their ECD centers. I have seen a lot of improvement in the crèches we’re working with, with some being registered with the Department of Social Welfare, some in the process of registering. For all the crèches we’re working with I see active learning taking place.”

Zanele Gumede


“ECD in Amaoti has been a very exciting experience for me. It has shown me the potential I have to influence the people around me to take education seriously from a young age. There has been transformation in the teachers and it has improved the children’s skills and learning abilities. Active learning now takes place in many of the crèches and teachers are passionate about teaching learners and developing them in all areas.

In the last year, there have been some exciting developments. Two of our crèches have undergone registration and are well on their way to registration – which has been one of our main objectives. One of the crèches also had a challenge where they had to close down due to another day care operating nearby causing many learners to leave. By God’s grace they decided to operate in a different area and have managed to continue working in their church building and now have a larger amount of school learners.”

Nauleen Luthuli


To continue positively impacting the ECD programme we’re looking for these items:

  • learning resources for ages between 0-6 years (skipping ropes, puzzles, play dough, stencils, big lego blocks)
  • bright, funky material for our bean bag project (squares of 16cm x 16cm can even pre-cut)
  • Stationary (fat kokis, crayons, powder paints, colouring books/ pages, paper, chalk)
  • scrap paper collections (children can draw on the back of them)
  • nappies, wet wipes, toilet paper
  • cleaning materials to wash floors, tables/chairs, dishes etc.
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Why should we sign all this paperwork when we’re only here to help?

This question often pops up when volunteers decide to volunteer at The Domino Foundation… Why should we sign all this paperwork when we’re only here to help?

We love it when volunteers are willing to pour their time, talents and treasures into the Domino Foundation. It’s thanks to the generosity of others that our programmes can continue running. However, our first priority always lies with our beneficiaries. So in order to protect them and protect the integrity of our programmes we have a few policies in place.

  • Every volunteer is required to sign an Indemnity Form.
  • Babies’ Home volunteers are required to sign and submit a ‘Form 30’ which is an inquiry form that is sent to Department of Social Development (DSD) to verify if an individual is on the ‘offenders’ section of the register. If they are in the ‘offenders’ section they are not allowed to “work with or have access to children”. All our Babies Home staff submits these yearly.
  • Babies’ Home volunteers will also notice that we have a strict photography policy as we want to ensure the children under our care, as well as the eventual adoptive parents, are not exploited in any way and that their privacy is closely guarded. With a few simple guidelines, outlined before any visit, children and volunteers are protected and everyone can enjoy time together.


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Working together for a better future

Members of Gap Capital and SAICA gathered together for a special site visit organised by the Light Trust, to experience the philanthropic work of one of its beneficiaries, The Domino Foundation.

The group were made familiar with some of The Domino Foundation’s youth-focused programmes by taking a tour of the Babies’ Home, a loving home that has cared for over one hundred abandoned babies over its decade-long existence, and the Sandwich Kitchen, which prepares and delivers over 4 000 sandwiches to underprivileged schools in and around Durban per week.

Wesley Smith, Executive Director of Gap Capital, Chartered Accountant and member of SAICA, has known about the Durban North based NPO for at least ten years. Through Gap Capital he hopes to stand in the gap between the rich and the poor and use capital for good.

“Our model is to create storehouses of wealth to sustain the poor not through charity and giving but through investing in businesses. Gap Capital’s role is to find great companies that we can earn equity stakes in and gain back territory for the poor through the Light Trust. We offer financial, strategic and operational support to a range of charities, just like the Domino Foundation. Can you imagine if millions of millions cold flow every month into charities?”

Naaem Asvat, Regional Executive of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), joined the group who toured the Domino Foundation. He believes that business and professionals, like accountants, have a crucial role to play when it comes to doing good.

“There’s a lot of good work being done by chartered accountants and if other chartered accountants could see this good work it will also encourage them to play in that space of social entrepreneurship as the Domino Foundation and Gap Capital have done. Our intention is to get chartered accountants involved in the community with a simple reason of benefiting our communities.”

With so much good to be done, it makes all the difference when businesses join arms with non-profits.



The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), South Africa’s pre-eminent accountancy body, is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading accounting institutes. The Institute provides a wide range of support services to more than 40 000 members who are chartered accountants [CAs(SA)], and hold positions as CEOs, MDs, board directors, business owners, chief financial officers, auditors and leaders in every sphere of commerce and industry, and who play a significant role in the nation’s highly dynamic business sector and economic development


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