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A buzz is beginning to build! The Cape Town Cycle Tour (affectionately known as “The Argus”) is just ten days away. Now in its 40th year, the world’s largest timed cycling event is set to have some 35 000 riders in 2017.

A group, the #DominoRiders, has entered the race wearing the colours of The Domino Foundation because they fully subscribe to the amazing impact this NPO is making each day on the lives of some 5000 of the most vulnerable people in South Africa. The valiant crew who are pedalling specifically in support of The Domino Foundation’s Recycle Swop Shop programme in the Western Cape are: Sarah Kennedy; Richard Mun-Gavin; Richard Seiler; Shaun Tait; Riaan van der Westhuizen; Nathan van der Westhuizen; Mark van Pletzen; Tim Batchelder; Brad Joyce; Matthew Wilkes; Kieren Vels and Jonathan Salzwedel.

Towards the end of last year, we saw The Domino Foundation go “national” when the Western Cape initiative, the Recycle Swop Shop, came into the Domino “Family”. With the Foundation’s hashtag for the 2017 Argus being #Cycle4reCycling, the #DominoRiders saw it as a particularly strong reason to ride for this dynamic organisation.

We are excited to invite you to support the #DominoRiders’ tackling the 109 kilometres by pledging financially to their efforts. This way, they won’t only have carried the Domino banner on 12 March 2017, but they would also be able to give into the impactful work of The Domino Foundation which creates essential structures to support their seven programmes meeting individuals’ and communities’ needs physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.

As a friend and supporter of The Domino Foundation, you can find the #DominoRiders’ profiles on the CTCTFundracers website, the fund raising platform they are using to raising funds for their ride. They have set a target of R10 000 (R1 000 per rider) and so are keen to see you pledging in support of their efforts!

The platform is easy to use, safe and secure and people can leave messages with their donations which can be made through Visa, MC, AMEX, Debit & Credit cards, PayPal & Bitcoin.

Overseas and local friends and family can donate easily and securely. Donations go directly to the Domino Foundation via the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust account.

Companies who want to support the #DominoRiders, can be issued a Section 18 tax receipt by The Domino Foundation. However, the donation would need to be made directly to The Domino Foundation bank account and not through the online Fundracers’ platform.

In anticipation of your positive response, the #DominoRiders and The Domino Foundation say a big “Thank You”!

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Young adults pursue their tertiary education dreams

The independent tank storage group, Vopak, was delighted at the news that one of the 2016 Matric students at Amaoti 3 High School, Mbali Mpanza, had scored 74% in her Physical Science examination. Through The Domino Foundation’s Life Skills programme, Vopak has been sponsoring tuition in the subject for a number of the school’s senior students through the kind offices of Mr Bodalia, a Physics teacher at Northwood School.

Mbali plans to study Dental Therapy at UKZN Westville. The Domino Foundation’s Bursary Fund Programme has tailor-made a funding plan to enable Mbali and two other students, Nobuhle Ndlovu and Sindiswa Shange, to take up tertiary studies.

Sindiswa has also been accepted to do Dental Therapy and Nobuhle will be studying at UKZN Edgewood for a B Ed. The programme provides academic fees, living, travel, books and resources allowances. It also mentors the students to gain the full benefit from their studies.

An earlier recipient of a Domino bursary, Silindile Ndlovu, has successfully passed her first year of studies and has been offered a bursary, which includes post-study employment, through the Department of Basic Education’s Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme. This will enable her to complete a teaching qualification, an opportunity that probably wouldn’t have been possible without the Domino transition.



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Stories from the nursery: 4th Quarter 2016

We count it a privilege to be able to care for abandoned children, if only for a short time, so that they can find their forever home. We provide a loving, family environment whilst aiming for excellent standards in health, hygiene and nutrition. Throughout 2016, we have cared for 15 children between the ages of zero and six years old (the youngest being a mere seven hours old!). Nine children were placed in our care and six babies were adopted into their ‘forever homes’ this year.

This past quarter has seen one adoption – a beautiful little seven-year-old girl who has found a home with a Durban family. She is very excited to go shopping for her new school uniform and to experience Christmas with her new family, both wonderful gifts.

This past year has been a massive year for maintenance. Two geysers, the washing machines and the tumble dryer have broken (at a big cost). We’re hoping to source funding to cover the running costs of the two homes. In saying that, we’re desperately on the lookout for willing handymen! Running a Babies Home also means running a property so if you have the skills and know how to help us with household ‘odd jobs’ that always pop up.

Recently we’ve witnessed firsthand how the community sees Domino as a safe place. A woman in crisis approached the home wanting to give up her baby after finding Domino online. We were able to counsel and assist her with the correct welfare process. We in no way encourage the abandonment of babies but are happy to know that if community members are facing a crisis, they’re able to seek help in us.

We’ve also seen how the community see us an information hub. We often receive phone calls about the adoption process and so we’re able to field questions and redirect potential adoptive parents in the right direction.

Looking to 2017 we would love to connect more with local homes and as well as continue to build and deepen relationships with welfare and other local adoption and childrens’ rights bodies. We would also love to see Domino play a more proactive role within our area of expertise and deal with the roots of abandonment. We love housing and caring for children but our dream is to get to a point where homes are no longer needed.

Our hearts are bursting with gratitude for everyone donor, volunteer and community member who has loved our children and blessed the homes. We hope to see you all in 2017!


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Project 10 arrives on Durban’s shores

For the past few months, we’ve been lucky enough to have a group of motivated volunteers with us from Israel. In the short space of time that Project 10 has been volunteering here, they’ve already managed to run a maths camp for Amaoti high school learners, prepared meals for the feeding programme and learnt some isiZulu through isiZulu classes run by our very own Sifiso (Life Skills mentor).

Through international volunteer groups, The Domino Foundation is able to exchange knowledge, expose our beneficiaries to different cultures and build international ties – all extremely valuable experiences for us. Shani Silove, South African Project Director of Project 10, shared her thoughts on their Durban experience and what it means to be an international volunteer.

What is the vision and purpose of Project 10 and how is this implemented?

Our vision is to empower young Jewish adults to give their time and skills to create sustainable projects in developing and vulnerable communities around the world. We aim to offer young Jewish adults from across the globe the opportunity to explore what it means to be an activist and to meet and be inspired by local people doing amazing work on the ground. In order to promote sustainability and strengthen local communities, we initiate projects in the three fields of informal education, public health and agriculture.

Why have Project 10 decided to come to Durban?

Durban is the first urban centre and is located close to a small Jewish community who were very enthusiastic to have Project Ten in Durban. Additionally, the Victor Daitz Foundation is major contributor to our programme and they were keen for us to work with local communities in KwaZulu-Natal.

Are South Africa and your home country similar? 

Yes, both countries have a long and complex history, which affects current social, economic and political structures. Both countries are also different from their neighbouring countries and have the potential to grow and develop in unique and exciting ways.

What have been some of the team’s defining moments during their Durban experience?

Seeing people their own age who are living on the street and are using substances such as glue as a way of coping with their life circumstances. It has given them a lot of perspective as to how lucky they are in their lives with loving families and all their basic needs met.

What lessons have your team learnt?

They’ve learnt not to judge a book by its cover and that sometimes it takes time to really see things as they are.

How has the Maths camp been going?

The Maths camp has been fantastic. We have a good team who are working well together, the kids are having fun and thanks to the generous donation of Domino we are able to feed the children too. It has been great to give the children an enriching experience together with the maths skills. For example, teaching measurements by measuring the map of Africa and learning about their own country while gaining maths skills.

What advice would you want to share with other volunteer groups?

To be open minded and to realise that many things you see are different from what you are used to but some things are always the same. All children, no matter where you are in the world, want to have fun, want to learn and they want to be loved.


With the Festive Season upon us, Yuval Ezbal (right) and Amit Sosman (left) wished their isiZulu teacher, Siphiso Hlongwa, “UKhisimusi omuhle!”, the local good wishes for Christmas. He returned the greeting with “Chanuka sameach!” to mark the upcoming Jewish Festival of Lights. Amit and Yuval are in South Africa as part of the first group of volunteers with Project TEN, an apolitical international programme that operates centres in Mexico, Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda, drawing volunteers from all over the world. The programme combines volunteer work with local communities and service-learning in the fields of international development, culture and identity. Project TEN is involved with a number of the programmes of The Domino Foundation where Siphiso is a facilitator in the Life Skills programme. The Foundation is a non-profit organisation that creates essential structures geared towards supporting programmes that are meeting the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of individuals and communities in KZN and the Western Cape through mercy, justice and empowerment.

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Stories from the classroom: 4th Quarter 2016

When young people feel a sense of self-worth and purpose they’re more empowered to make wise life choices. Our Life Skills workers have seen this belief come to life time and time again; the valuable lessons they teach bearing fruit in the lives of the young learners they teach.

This year the learners from the four schools in Amaoti have particularly loved being exposed to new places, activities, and experiences through the Life Skills programme. The creative energies of the Girls Club have been ignited through beading, crafting and making. Some young ladies also visited COGS church for a morning of leadership training. And a few boys were taken a Leadership Camp where they were taught valuable life skills and had time to enjoy the outdoors. They were chosen for the trip to help them see life outside of the allure of underage drug and alcohol abuse. It was a jam-packed action adventure weekend and the boys left profoundly influenced and inspired.

Our youth workers continue to be equipped through regular trainings to tackle the challenges of teaching young learners faced with navigating being a teenager and are facing tough circumstances. We’re also incredibly lucky to have a handful of UNISA social work students placed with us during the year. They assist the youth workers with one-one-one counseling sessions and facilitate therapeutic groups for learners facing real challenges of sexual abuse, a terrible reality for many, as well as focus groups for those young learners who had lost parents and friends to HIV / AIDS.

This past quarter we also took the time to honour the four schools’ teachers by inviting them to a screening of Freedom Writers, a movie based on a true story of a teacher who was able to transform the lives of a classroom of at-risk students. It’s a movie promoting a message of empowerment, tolerance, and innovative teaching. There was clapping, smiles and tears.

Thank you to every donor for your support. Your donations enable us to steadily build into the lives of these young learners, which although challenging is both a privilege and an honour.


Girls club outing to Springfield swimming pool

The Girls Club outing to Springfield swimming pool.

Leadership camp with some boys from the Amaoti schools.

Leadership camp with some boys from the Amaoti schools.

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Stories from the kitchen: 4th Quarter 2016

What a year of incredible growth it has been for our feeding programme. With our three kitchens stretching across KZN (Durban North, Amaoti and Amanzimtoti) we’re now preparing and delivering 98000 meals per month. That’s nearly a million meals!

We currently feed 57 institutes with 7 new schools on the waiting list for next year. For many learners who receive our sandwiches, soup and porridge, this meal is one of their only for the day. With food prices rocketing and the South African economy taking on strain, we’re ever so grateful to our donors, volunteers and supporters for assisting us to feed our country’s youth.

Under the guidance of Domino and the Kitchen Manager, Cheryl Dann, and the support of 23 generous volunteers, The Domino Foundation’s Toti Sandwich Kitchen has prepared and delivered an incredible 13 500 sandwiches from April to the end of the third school term. Sandwiches are delivered to children in local schools who can’t afford lunches and as a result; battle to concentrate on class.

The Amamzimtoti team now delivers 660 sandwiches a week with more schools on the horizon for 2017 and big hopes to expand their current premises. They’re motivated by the successful story of The Domino Foundation’s fist sandwich kitchen, based in Durban North, which started small but now prepares almost 5000 sandwiches a week.

Next year the Feeding Programme dreams of making 1000 000 meals per month; a massive goal but one we see as necessary. We’re also working on building stronger relationships with our beneficiaries so that we can better evolve and accommodate their needs.

Here’s to a bigger and better 2017!


The Amamzimtoti Sandwich Kitchen volunteers at the volunteer tea.

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Stories from the crèche: 4th Quarter 2016

For children to reach their full potential it’s crucial they receive Early Childhood Development, a chance for them to grow mentally, physically and emotionally within a safe learning environment. With that purpose in mind our ECD programme aims to improve the quality of learning and to increase preparation for school readiness for children under the age of seven; a task we’ve taken to heart over the past three and half years.

As we’ve worked alongside 23 crèches in the Amaoti community we’ve watched them grow and gain essential skills to better the lives of pre-grade R children within the community.

During the 2016 year we slowly started phasing out in the crèches in the Amaoti area, testament to the success of the programme. With crèche owners now empowered and equipped with the necessary tools to improve active learning within their ECD centres, they have the opportunity to stand on their own and become self-sufficient, small businesses. We will still continue to feed the children in these crèches.

This year has also been an incredible time of expansion and we’ve assessed a number of crèches in two new areas, opening up opportunities for future involvement. We look to the new year with excitement and anticipation for what it holds, our dream of seeing children reach their full potential continually pushing us forwards.


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2016: What a year!

This year has been a time of exponential growth, tough challenges, our faith been tested and of course, many lives been changed. In 2016 alone we’ve been able to impact the lives of over 5000 individuals on a daily basis. During our journey we’ve seen 3 key areas being highlighted:

1. Increasing our areas of influence

A big cause for celebration has been The Domino Foundation moving from being a North Durban NPO to a nationwide NPO.

We’re excited to announce that The Domino Foundation’s areas of influence now include: Waterloo, Oshebni, Amanzimtoti, Inner city Durban and Cape Town. We’ve also continued to strengthen our existing relationships with donors, volunteers, NPOS and governmental departments like the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Social Development and the National Prosecuting Authority.

2.Partnering with local churches

We have loved partnering with other churches to outwork their social justice initiatives.

This year we’ve partnered with Glenridge (Durban Inner City) and The Rock (Umhlanga) through the outworking of the Red light Anti-Human Trafficking programme; Life Changers (Tableview, Cape Town) for the Recycle Swop Shop and Kingsway Church International (Amanzimtoti) to open another sandwich kitchen. As we’ve been able to share our experience, skills, knowledge and feeding expertise we’ve seen an incredible growth in the Amanzimtoti Sandwich Kitchen. In just eight months the kitchen has grown to preparing 660 sandwiches a week – an incredible growth rate!

3.Beneficiary Impact

We started the year with four programmes and expanded to seven community transformational initiatives.

Babies’ Homes – We provided a loving, family environment for 15 children in our two transitional homes with 6 babies being adopted into their ‘forever homes’.

Life Skills Programme– We worked with 4 under-resourced primary schools and 726 children on a weekly basis through lessons, one-on-one counselling sessions and after school activities – all aiming to empower learners to make wise life choices.

ECD Programme– We started the year upskilling and transforming 23 crèches into sustainable small businesses and places of active learning and increased to 44 establishments by year-end. Our work in the ECD space ensures that over children are receiving quality foundation-phase development throughout KZN.

Feeding Programme– We opened an additional kitchen to feed the south Durban basin, as well as added an additional 17 establishments (a combination of crèches/kindergartens and primary schools) to our feeding programme across KZN. By the year-end we were feeding a total of 55 establishments and averaging an incredible 98 000 meals a month!

Red light Anti-Human Trafficking – This programme joined Domino in 2016 and in 2017 we look forward to welcoming 8 ladies into our programme where they’ll be assisted, cared for, restored and released.

Recycle Swop Shops – The social justice and environmental programme joined Domino in 2016 with three swop shops operating in the Western Cape.

Bursary Programme – In 2017 the programme will fund 5 students’ tertiary education, giving them the opportunity to build themselves a future through education.

Thanks to donors and volunteers, your support has enabled us to continue changing thousands of lives through showing mercy, combatting injustice and empowering individuals throughout our beautiful country of South Africa. If you would like to partner with us for 2017 please let us know.

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Movement Day: Inspiring a more impactful 2017

The Domino Foundation has a heart to see individuals and communities within South Africa living with dignity, justice, hope and purpose.

So when four of The Domino Foundation’s staff, Richard Mun-Gavin (Executive Chairman), Shaun Tait (COO), Mickey Wilkins (Domino Business) and Toni Wilkins (Past ECD and Life Skills Programme Manager) were asked to join 137 other Durban visionaries to attend the three-day city transformation conference in New York, called Movement Day, they said yes.

The conference built into The Domino Foundation’s vision of seeing our community being transformed and our representatives listened to inspiring and knowledgeable speakers from around the globe, connected with like-minded individuals and visionaries and were equipped to bring change back to Durban. Two key points they learnt, which we can all learn from, are:

Relational trust

One of the underlying ‘lessons’ taken from Movement day was the importance of Relational Trust forming the foundation for any partnership or collaboration. This means moving from just knowing organisations from a distance towards deeply understanding their heart and purpose, and getting to know the people behind the scenes on a personal level. If people and organisations are aligned relationally and that trust has been built then tasks, programmes and initiatives are more likely to succeed and endure challenges. Relational trust is also key to developing sustainable collaboration.


Simply, collaboration is working together with people to achieve a common goal. It does not mean that everyone is implementing or doing the exact same thing but rather doing different things that work towards the same common vision of seeing a city reach its true potential. By collaborating across different sectors (business, government and NGO’s) there can be true economic empowerment and social justice that contributes to a well-working city that benefits all its citizens. And that can only happen through a trust relationship.

What this means for The Domino Foundation?

Next year looks set to be more collaborative and focused on building intentional relationships than ever before. That means engaging with other NPO’s, governmental departments, business and individuals to transform communities.


Richard Mun-Gavin and Shaun Tait.

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#DominoRiders tackle the Cape Town Cycle Race 2017


Join the #DominoRiders as they tackle the


to raise funds for The Domino Foundation Recycle Swop Shop!



We are a collective of like-minded individuals who are inspired, motivated and encouraged to see the world changed. The Domino Foundation is a non-profit organisation that creates essential structures geared towards supporting programmes that are meeting the needs of individuals and communities physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually through MERCY, JUSTICE and EMPOWERMENT. With our desire to see individuals and communities within South Africa living in DIGNITY, JUSTICE, HOPE and PURPOSE our programmes currently reach communities within KZN and the Western Cape, combatting a multitude of social challenges.

THE CAUSE – RECYCLE SWOP SHargus-2017-fb-post-2OP

THE DOMINO FOUNDATION has three recycle swop shops operating within a number of impoverished communities throughout the Western Cape. Our vision is to uplift the communities living in informal settlements through using recyclable goods as a means of exchange for basic necessities. IN A NUT-SHELL:  Community members collect recyclable materials and bring them to the Recycle Swop Shop. Items are weighed and a corresponding value is given in tokens (cashless). These tokens are then used within the shop to purchase basic necessities, clothing, hygiene items and more. We have seen a reduction in the number of recyclable items entering landfill sites and the beautifying of the surrounding communities through the collection of waste. Communities are healthier and happier with a positive impact on the environment.

The #DominoRiders will raise much needed funds for THE DOMINO FOUNDATION RECYCLE SWOP SHOP to continue to provide this service to the community and allow us to reach our dream of opening new swop shops within local townships.


Join the #DominoRiders as they tackle 2017’s Cape Argus Cycle Tour in support of THE DOMINO FOUNDATION. The team will take to the beautiful peninsula of Cape Town to cycle through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, while completing the 109KM that is The Cape Town Cycle Tour. THE DOMINO FOUNDATION has secured a charity batch which provides GUARANTEED ENTRIES, a GROUP START TIME (seeded times allow for earlier start if rider qualifies) and LATER CLOSING DATES for entries.

The #DominoRiders also qualify for a truly spectacular cycling package.

R1500-00 per entry gets you a;

  • GUARANTEED Cape Town Cycle Race entry
  • High quality Domino Cycling top
  • Domino Goodie Bag
  • And a donation towards The Domino Foundation Recycle Swop Shop

Simply contact Rowan Phillips (marketing@domino.org.za ) or Shaun Tait (shaun@domino.org.za) if you are interested in joining the #DominoRiders as they tackle the CapeTown Cycle Race 2017 for THE DOMINO FOUNDATION!

But hurry – entries close on Tuesday 29 November 2016!



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