Introducing Domino Business: An innovative business that addresses challenges faced by business and economic transformation

DBDpicThere are exciting things afoot at the Domino Head Quarters. Over the last ten years the Domino Foundation has exponentially grown, impacting thousands of lives in the North Durban area, and now is enlarging to include a new business venture, Domino Business.

Past CEO and founder of The Domino Foundation, Mickey Wilkins, was lead to establish a pioneering business to help redress the past inequalities and transform business. In Wilkin’s influential position at The Domino Foundation he realised the unique challenges facing both established and emerging businesses in South Africa  – established business often battle to connect with emerging businesses and emerging business don’t have access to the market, both hampering the transformation process. Wilkins was also searching for ways to make The Domino Foundation sustainable for the future.

So he started Domino Business to bridge the gap between established and emerging businesses, encourage entrepreneurial and business development, to trade in products and services and take stakes in businesses in eThekwini as part of the Domino sustainability plan.

Now the CEO of Domino Business, Wilkins believes that, “It just made sense to start Domino Business to help companies navigate the most recent Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment codes. Our tailored approach offers established companies the service of developing their emerging suppliers. Through a professional assessment we implement innovative solutions to help develop emerging SMME’s with the end result being improved business processes that offer better services to clients. We can help harvest the potential of people and business by connecting minds and hands together.”


Domino Business is also seeking to take stakes in companies and in turn offer developed businesses the essential opportunity of having black ownership. As a black owned company, 99% of the Domino Foundation’s beneficiaries are black and 51% are female, meaning that with the nature of the ownership the benefit will flow to the Domino Foundation’s beneficiaries.

The long-term objective of Domino Business is the sustainability of the Domino Foundation so that it can continue to support orphan and vulnerable children in North Durban. It also plans to empower those with an entrepreneurial flair who have graduated from non-profits’ programmes and are seeking to start their own businesses by giving them access to resources.

We wish Domino Business success in all that they do! To find out more contact


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