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Movement Day: Inspiring a more impactful 2017

The Domino Foundation has a heart to see individuals and communities within South Africa living with dignity, justice, hope and purpose.

So when four of The Domino Foundation’s staff, Richard Mun-Gavin (Executive Chairman), Shaun Tait (COO), Mickey Wilkins (Domino Business) and Toni Wilkins (Past ECD and Life Skills Programme Manager) were asked to join 137 other Durban visionaries to attend the three-day city transformation conference in New York, called Movement Day, they said yes.

The conference built into The Domino Foundation’s vision of seeing our community being transformed and our representatives listened to inspiring and knowledgeable speakers from around the globe, connected with like-minded individuals and visionaries and were equipped to bring change back to Durban. Two key points they learnt, which we can all learn from, are:

Relational trust

One of the underlying ‘lessons’ taken from Movement day was the importance of Relational Trust forming the foundation for any partnership or collaboration. This means moving from just knowing organisations from a distance towards deeply understanding their heart and purpose, and getting to know the people behind the scenes on a personal level. If people and organisations are aligned relationally and that trust has been built then tasks, programmes and initiatives are more likely to succeed and endure challenges. Relational trust is also key to developing sustainable collaboration.


Simply, collaboration is working together with people to achieve a common goal. It does not mean that everyone is implementing or doing the exact same thing but rather doing different things that work towards the same common vision of seeing a city reach its true potential. By collaborating across different sectors (business, government and NGO’s) there can be true economic empowerment and social justice that contributes to a well-working city that benefits all its citizens. And that can only happen through a trust relationship.

What this means for The Domino Foundation?

Next year looks set to be more collaborative and focused on building intentional relationships than ever before. That means engaging with other NPO’s, governmental departments, business and individuals to transform communities.


Richard Mun-Gavin and Shaun Tait.

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