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Working together for a better future

Members of Gap Capital and SAICA gathered together for a special site visit organised by the Light Trust, to experience the philanthropic work of one of its beneficiaries, The Domino Foundation.

The group were made familiar with some of The Domino Foundation’s youth-focused programmes by taking a tour of the Babies’ Home, a loving home that has cared for over one hundred abandoned babies over its decade-long existence, and the Sandwich Kitchen, which prepares and delivers over 4 000 sandwiches to underprivileged schools in and around Durban per week.

Wesley Smith, Executive Director of Gap Capital, Chartered Accountant and member of SAICA, has known about the Durban North based NPO for at least ten years. Through Gap Capital he hopes to stand in the gap between the rich and the poor and use capital for good.

“Our model is to create storehouses of wealth to sustain the poor not through charity and giving but through investing in businesses. Gap Capital’s role is to find great companies that we can earn equity stakes in and gain back territory for the poor through the Light Trust. We offer financial, strategic and operational support to a range of charities, just like the Domino Foundation. Can you imagine if millions of millions cold flow every month into charities?”

Naaem Asvat, Regional Executive of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), joined the group who toured the Domino Foundation. He believes that business and professionals, like accountants, have a crucial role to play when it comes to doing good.

“There’s a lot of good work being done by chartered accountants and if other chartered accountants could see this good work it will also encourage them to play in that space of social entrepreneurship as the Domino Foundation and Gap Capital have done. Our intention is to get chartered accountants involved in the community with a simple reason of benefiting our communities.”

With so much good to be done, it makes all the difference when businesses join arms with non-profits.



The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), South Africa’s pre-eminent accountancy body, is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading accounting institutes. The Institute provides a wide range of support services to more than 40 000 members who are chartered accountants [CAs(SA)], and hold positions as CEOs, MDs, board directors, business owners, chief financial officers, auditors and leaders in every sphere of commerce and industry, and who play a significant role in the nation’s highly dynamic business sector and economic development


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Stories from the classroom: 3rd Quarter 2016

As a teenager, it’s crucial to continually hear words of affirmation. Phrases like: you’re special, irreplaceable and unique. A large part of the Domino Foundation’s Life Skills lessons cover these values that help build self-esteem and raise leaders.

Recently, the Grade 6 girls from Zakele Primary School were treated to an uplifting day called “Fire and Grace” at COGS Church. This gentle time on a Saturday morning was an opportunity for learners to hear encouraging words, enjoy some fun sessions learning etiquette and enjoy some tea and scones.

A big thanks to Cox Yeats Attorneys for generously donating Subz Washable Pads and panties to the Grade 6 Girls at Zakele Primary School. They welcomed twenty learners into their Umhlanaga Ridge offices to enjoy some delicious treats and listen to a talk on adolescence led by a Domino Foundation Life Skills mentor. Cox Yeats Attorneys also shared their own career journey with the learners, introducing new careers and inspiring the learners to think beyond high school. Not only was the afternoon a wonderful time of sisterhood and bonding but it was a valuable opportunity to answer any misconceptions surrounding becoming a woman.


The Girls Club has been busy this past term with a number of fun and educational events including a DIY day making ‘lock boxes from cardboard and gift paper and a Hygiene Day presented by two experts, Kathy (Dental Hygienist) and Thabani (Hair Stylist at Unilever). Kathy was amazing and showed the girls how to really look after their teeth and Thabani wowed everyone on his knowledge about Afro hair and how to care for it. The learners loved their hygiene packs (soap, loofahs, deodorants, shower gels) and toothbrushes and Colgate kits that were handed out too.


The Life Skills team is always looking for gifts to add to gift bags for the Girls and Boys Club or Life Skills learners. In particular, the Boys Club is looking for soccer balls. If you can donate useful products please email us!



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#KnowYourNPO #Domino


If you’ve ever wondered what the Domino Foundation actually does… here’s your chance to #KnowYourNPO! This quarter we’re unpacking what the Domino Foundation does on a larger scale.

#1: We are a group of like-minded individuals that believe in the power of a changed life. We have a range of community outreach programmes that focus on the individual, to empower, uplift and transform their lives so they too can impact the nation and others around them. We currently impact the lives of just over 4000 individuals every single day, ranging from 0 to 18 years of age.

#2: We seek to assist and empower the neediest in communities to pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. Our dream is to equip individuals physically, emotionally, socially, cognitively and spiritually to enable purpose-filled lives.

#3: We manage focused interventions and initiatives operating into the spaces of education, nutrition, injustice, child support and business development. So depending on your company’s CSR policy and specific area of impact, we have a diverse offering across multiple geographic locations to suit your needs with the ultimate goal being the same: to empower, uplift and transform our communities.

#4: We believe that for effective social change to take place within communities, we need to work effectively in three key areas. Namely social charity, social justice and social entrepreneurship to holistically transform communities.


#5: Over the years we have witnessed changed lives, changing other lives and we’ve termed this #TheDominoEffect. As we have impacted, uplifted and transformed an individual’s life, they have gone and transformed their immediate family’s lives, and they have gone on to impact and transform their community’s lives and so a beautiful ripple effect, or #DominoEffect of changed lives takes shape. We believe that you change a community, by changing an individual!

#6: We rely on support from a host of like-minded businesses, individuals, partner organisations, schools, churches, international supporters & activists and sporting enthusiasts. So if you know of any, start your own #DominoEffect and share the love!


#7: We couldn’t do what we do without an AMAZING team. These people LOVE doing what they do and what nothing more than to uplift, encourage, support and transform people’s lives. Dedicated, inspired, driven and fun, our teams are truly the best around!

#8: Ways to support ALL

There are SO many ways for EVERYONE to get involved. Whether you’re in school, a group of interested staff members, corporate’s looking to satisfy your #BEE scorecard or simply an individual with a heart for others, there is space for YOU to join the #DominoEffect.



#9: Our support process is super simple. SUPPORT > RECEIVE DOCUMENTATION > FEEL GOOD. Repeat!


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New season, new roles

With a new season comes new leadership. As the Domino Foundation increases its capacity to reach more communities there have been some internal shifts to ensure that the hands who do this work are passionate, skilled and ready to impact lives.

At the beginning of the year Mickey Wilkins stepped down as CEO of the Domino Foundation. After twelve incredible years of leading the non-profit Mickey has now decided to look after the sustainability of Domino and has started Domino Business. As of February 2016 the Domino Foundation welcomed in a new CEO, Richard Mun-Gavin, lead pastor of Cogs Church. Not only does Richard bring a wealth of pastoral experience but his passion for people means he’s more than ready to take Domino into a new season of growth.

Shaun Tait has officially moved into the role of  COO and is overseeing the day to day operations of all the programmes and its staff. Although a tall task Shaun has slid into his role with effort and ease.

After heading up the ECD team since its inception Toni Wilkins has decided to focus her attentions on the Life Skills programme and counselling at the Door of Hope Counselling Centre. The team is now been led by the capable Jessica King, who moved over from donor relations. Jessica is more than qualified for the position and brings her unique learnings from her studies, a Bachelor of Social Science in Organisational Psychology and Industrial Sociology and a Foundation Phase Teaching qualification and is currently Clinical Psychology. Jessica also handles the Domino volunteers.

And in the feeding programme Cathy Whittle has taken over the reigns as Programme Manager. Cathy comes from the cooking industry and has the heaps of experience needed to steer the many Domino feeding projects in the right direction. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s our Sandwich Kitchen, Soup Kitchen and Relief Kitchen. Past Project Manager, Brenda Scheepers has moved onto an exciting venture with Domino Business, which you can read more about here.


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Spread the festive joy by filling up Domino Foundation Stockings!

This Christmas, we need YOU to help us spread the festive joy by filling up Domino Foundation Stockings!

Purchase a reusable Domino gift bag, fill it to the brim with Christmas goodies and drop off at The Domino Foundation.  We work with 32 crèches on our ECD programme and benefit over 1000 vulnerable children in the Amaoti community on a daily basis. Individuals, work-teams and social clubs are encouraged to get involved and spend a few minutes giving back this festive season.


  1. View the list of crèches online (here) and select which establishment you are wanting to adopt.
  2. Purchase a custom made Domino Gift bag for R20 for each child. These draw-string bags will be reused as a carry bag for crèche children next year.
  3. Your stocking will have the crèche name, age of learner and a list of items needed for that age group. Simply fill the bags with life-saving food stuffs valuing R80. Feel free to add in any extra treats to help make these holidays special!
  4. Drop off your overflowing stocking at The Domino Foundation offices by 18 November to make sure your gifts make it into Santa’s sleigh before the crèches close.


You’ll notice that the majority of the contents in the Christmas stockings are non-perishable food items. Our heart around our Christmas drive is to ensure we are supporting vulnerable individuals in the most effective manner. Although Christmas presents and parties are incredibly generous initiatives, we feel they do not provide sustained nutritional support throughout this festive period. As government feeding programmes close over school holidays, the reality is that numerous children go weeks without meals between academic terms.

Our ECD programme has partnered with the feeding kitchen to ensure that the vulnerable children in each crèche are receiving nourishment over the festive period. In each stocking, in addition to the listed items, The Domino Foundation will place Stop Hunger Now food packs, as well as JAM SA porridge which provide all nutrients for daily recommended requirements.

We will be delivering these Christmas goodies during the last week of November and first week of December, before the crèches close for the term. Photos of delivery will be captured and uploaded to our Facebook page.

If you are wanting to get involved, please contact our volunteer manager Amber on or alternatively call the office on 031 563 9605.


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Paint perfect

Inspired by the Domino Foundation’s message of “changing a life to change a community”, a group of Danville Girls High School learners and Cogs youth dedicated their Saturday to painting two schools in the Amaoti township.

They applied a fresh lick of paint to five classrooms from Amaoti Combined School, the same classrooms where the Domino Foundation teaches Life Skills lessons.

It was an eye-opening experience for the learners. Kelsey Pfeil realised, “we are very privileged to attend a school like Danville and live in a house with running water, an inside toilet and bedrooms. Volunteering is a life experience and is good to step out of your comfort zone and take a stand in helping people.”

And Reyanka Kisten took away the life lesson saying, “Giving off a little of your time to help others is more rewarding than spending that time on yourself.”

Although it may seem like a small contribution, every effort counts!

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Mandela Day Success

Thanks to the enthusiastic response and willing hearts of hundreds of volunteers Mandela Day at the Domino Foundation was a roaring success! Individuals and businesses showed the true spirit of Madiba by banding together to support the various Domino Foundation projects:

At our Sarmie Stack station, we made over 13 000 SANDWICHES which we distributed to numerous communities, families and individuals throughout North Durban.

We packaged and delivered over 350 RELIEF HAMPERS to families in need. Each hamper should feed a family of four for a period of one week.

We made over 250 WINTER PARCELS at our Jersey’s in July station! The parcels are filled with blankets, jerseys and warm clothing to help those less fortunate to keep the cold winter at bay.

We made 8 BLANKETS OF LOVE for each of the children currently at our babies homes to take home with their adoptive families!

*Take action. Inspire change. Serve your local community.

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Tour Durban: Cycling for change

20150426-20150426-DSC_8645Among the 5000 excited riders that cycled the aQuelle Tour Durban on the 26 April a group of Domino Foundation Development cyclists cycled for a bigger purpose, to show how sport can change lives.

As the principal beneficiary of the race the Domino Foundation has been actively involved in the Tour Durban for the last three years, entering a development team and providing volunteers. Made up of four high school learners, four teachers and the two youth workers who run the life skills programme in the Amaoti schools, the development riders were extremely excited to be cycling in Durban’s premier cycling race. Not only were the group of first-time and more experienced cyclists afforded the opportunity to experience a festive sporting event but they’re living proof of how sport can be a healthy activity for youth.

The development cyclists have been practicing their cycling skills, and are a part of the Boys Club, an after school Domino Foundation initiative that gathers together interested learners to participate in fun and healthy recreational activities. There are a few safe and productive after school activities for Amaoti learners and the Boys Club hopes to create a fun and healthy space for learners to channel their energy into.

Mickey Wilkins, CEO Domino Foundation, sees the great value of sport in the Amaoti community, the largest informal settlement in KwaZulu-Natal. “These Domino Foundation cyclists carry the message that sport can be a positive activity to pursue and that it can break the cycle of poverty and HIV. Sport also creates a sense of camaraderie and ownership and it’s a healthy way for youth to mature and thrive.”

A big thank you must be said to all the volunteers who helped on the Tour Durban weekend. School learners, corporates and enthusiastic individuals supported the Domino Foundation by helping at registration and working at the water tables. Although it may have been a long day in the sun it certainly was an enjoyable one and volunteers encouraged cyclists with an extra cheer going out to those riding in the Domino cycling gear!

In support of and to raise awareness for the recent xenophobic attacks wrist bands with the words, “Say No”, painted on them were sold at the cycling event. Any profits from these bands will be channeled directly into our Relief Kitchen, our newest feeding kitchen that provides hearty meals to families in crisis. You can read more about our Relief Kitchen here. 

The day was a huge success and we are ever so grateful for this oppourtunity to shine the light on our life-changing programmes in the Amaoti community and xenophobia. Here’s to an even better 2016 race!

20150426-20150426-DSC_8539  20150426-20150426-DSC_8670

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Babies Effects March & April

The two babies homes, Fairhavens and Ububele, have had a busy past two months and are running smoothly! There have been no adoptions but two new children have joined the Domino family, a little one year old boy named James and the first child for the second babies home, Ntokozo.

Ntokozo is a little six-year-old boy who loves playing and is looking for his forever home. He has settled in very well with new house mum Precious and the home is looking for a beginner bicycle for him. A big thank you must be said to Care Bare School who have donated Grade R school fees for Ntokozo. This is an amazing opportunity for Ntokozo as he can interact with kids his own age and make sure he doesn’t lose out on any precious learning time. He has started swimming lessons at school too.

The home also had a busy month with volunteers and a Netherlands’ volunteer has helped with various jobs around the house including making fresh baby food for the children. She was wonderfully hosted by another NPO called We Are Durban and Jess, our new volunteers manager. We are looking for volunteers to complete the painting on the second home, please email our volunteers co-ordinator for more details.

On a sad note, Beryl one of our care workers, left us after an incredible ten years. She has been studying ECD and has secured a post with a local school. We wish her well and happy to see her progressing!

We were thrilled with the generous donation of R100 000 from the newly formed North Durban 41 Club with funds being used solely to support Domino Babies Homes.

Mel Turner, Project Manager for the Domino Babies Home, was overwhelmed by the support. “We feel incredibly blessed to be chosen as the beneficiary for this generous donation. Having recently opened the new babies home Ububele, which means ‘compassion, generosity and mercy’ in Zulu, we are able to duplicate our work and help more children in crisis.

Alex McAlery, North Durban 41 Club member elaborated on their decision to use the funds raised from their first fundraiser saying, “We wanted to continue to do good in the community and the Domino Foundation has so many wonderful projects on the go. The second Babies Home has just started and it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to lend a helping hand. They’re also right in the middle of our community.”

Group pic

From left to right: Dash Singh, Alex McAlery, Crisis Care Mom Precious Thabethe, Dr Mike Windisch, Kate McAlery and Domino Foundation Babies Home Project Leader Mel Turner.


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Life Skills Effects March and April

Aerobics, soccer, lessons on relationships and plenty of in-depth discussions on social issues Life Skills has had a busy first term, a true testament to the saying, “time flies when you’re having fun!”

A big thank you to all the generous individuals, schools and businesses who have shown their support for the project which aims to empower learners to make wise life choices, instilling in them a sense of self-worth and purpose and offering them hope for the future.

Class discussions covered topics such as friends, families and ‘you’re valuable no matter what’ which was an interesting topic in light of the recent xenophobic attacks. Life skills lessons help create a safe environment for leaners to explore and discuss difficult topics and it was great to see that they were eager to talk about and listen to all the sides of the xenophobic attacks- even if it wasn’t their own.

The Boys and Girls Club have been running along smoothly with leaners loving the exercise regimes the youth workers have been putting in place. Definitely a highlight for the Boys Club, the Tour Durban Cycle Race placed a team of development riders to ride in the festive event. The team of youth workers, four boys club learners and four teachers proudly rode the 45 km road race for the Domino Foundation. As first time riders they all loved the experience and will take back the positive mindset “a healthy body equals a healthy mind” to all the other Amaoti learners. Read more about the race here.


A big thanks must be said to a dedicated group of volunteers from around Durban North schools who spent their holiday volunteering at Domino’s programme. One of their days was spent beautifying Nhlonipho school in Amaoti, cleaning hallways and passages and planting some green spekboom. No doubt the learners will love their clean corridors!

200 pairs of school shoes were donated by the learners of the Northland Girls High School during the first term. A greatly appreciated gift these shoes were immediately scooped up by the impoverished students in the Amaoti #3 Combined School. Some of these shoes were even given to very needy boys.

There was also a generous contribution of English library books donated by Clifton College. The learners couldn’t wait to get their hands on the exciting new stories and they helped add new life into their reading programmes.

Durban Girls College also donated a large contribution of tampons for the life skills learners. Something often overlooked by wealthier individuals proper menstrual care ensures female learners continue to come to school during their periods. Girls often bunk their lessons, fearing ‘being caught out’ by fellow classmates.

And finally Andrew Nulliah from Kings Park Personal Training whipped our two youth workers, Jomo and Sifisio, and Programme Manager, Leigh- Ann Stevens, into shape at one of his personal training sessions. Andrew helped the Life Skills team learn some new exercise moves to take to the Boys Club.

20150408_115647 20150408_111824

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