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Make your community service a meaningful experience

Searching for somewhere to do your community service next year? The Domino Foundation has three community service weeks during 2016 – an awesome opportunity for you to have fun while contributing to a worthy cause!

The community service weeks are:   29 March – 1 April

                                                           27 June – 1 July

                                                           11 July – 15 July

Community service is basically unpaid volunteering where you learn a lot about yourself and what it means to give back. Not only does it help with racking up your community service hours that are required by some tertiary institutions but it builds up your CV too!

During the supervised week you will join learners from other schools to practically help out in the Domino Foundation’s programmes. You’ll be lending a hand with activities like making sandwiches and working in the vegetable tunnels for the feeding scheme and reading to the babies in the Domino Babies Home.

For more information or to book your spot email Community service weeks book up quickly, so get a headstart on next year! Change a life, change a community.

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Paint perfect

Inspired by the Domino Foundation’s message of “changing a life to change a community”, a group of Danville Girls High School learners and Cogs youth dedicated their Saturday to painting two schools in the Amaoti township.

They applied a fresh lick of paint to five classrooms from Amaoti Combined School, the same classrooms where the Domino Foundation teaches Life Skills lessons.

It was an eye-opening experience for the learners. Kelsey Pfeil realised, “we are very privileged to attend a school like Danville and live in a house with running water, an inside toilet and bedrooms. Volunteering is a life experience and is good to step out of your comfort zone and take a stand in helping people.”

And Reyanka Kisten took away the life lesson saying, “Giving off a little of your time to help others is more rewarding than spending that time on yourself.”

Although it may seem like a small contribution, every effort counts!

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Photo 2014-01-19, 14 16 56We are blessed to have the backing of the local community and these incredible supporters make every effort to assist us where possible. Over the past 10 years, we have had THOUSANDS of people pass through the doors of Fairhavens to come love on the children, drop off some much needed groceries or even host their own birthdays at the house! We are very privileged and thankful to EVERYONE who pops into the house and assists us in any way.

So this post is dedicated to our Friends of Fairhavens! Thank you for all the memories you have shared with us and we love having you be a part of this life changing journey.

“Love All Serve All teachings from Sri Sathya Baba. We first found out about Fairhavens Babies home, when my son completed some community service for school. Little Jovante touched Sohails heart while he did community service at the home. Saihil and Sohail have chosen Fairhaven Babies home because they do not want the babies to go to bed hungry. Every week we make sure that milk & snacks are donated. My boys have learnt not to waste and to appreciate the little, simple things in life. The babies are part of our family and so is the DOMINO FOUNDATION. – Babitha Balraj

“As part of the Harvest Church in Somerset Park, I was aware of the babies home and my mother and aunt make sandwiches at the DOMINO sandwich kitchen during the week. The biggest impact in my life is seeing these little precious babies be given a second chance of happiness as we know it, with new families that will love and cherish them for the rest of their lives. I also know that God has his hand on our lives, every breath we take, and that is awesome.” – Sharon Austin

“We attend COGS Church and so we have always been involved with Fairhavens babies home. We like to learn from God’s love and generosity which He shows to us daily, and extend this love and generosity to others who are not as fortunate as ourselves. It has taught both ourselves, and our children, to love others and to be mindful of the needs of others. It has also taught us all to be more grateful for all of the blessings which we have and to learn to share these blessings to others.” – Ryan & Kate Vetter

christmas party nov 016

This post is part of the “Fairhavens 10th Birthday Celebration” campaign.  To read more posts, follow this link to The Domino Foundation Facebook Page, where new write-ups will be posted every hour.

If you have any memories, comments or quotes, WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. So hop onto Twitter, give us a follow and send us YOUR memories of the home using the hashtags #sharedmemories #FH10

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