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Stories from the crèche: 3rd Quarter 2016

We dream of seeing active learning taking place in crèches around South Africa, where Early Childhood Development centers are not just a baby-sitting service but a place for young children to learn, develop and grow.

For the past three years, we’ve been working tirelessly into 23 crèches in Amaoti through empowering ECD center educators and owners with essential education and enterprise skills. There have been great successes and as we prepare to slowly step away from them we look back at the programme through the eyes of our ECD mentors.


“Firstly, I would like to say it is a privilege and honour to serve the Amaoti community through ECD. Working with little ones gives me the reason to serve God to the fullest. Through The Domino Foundation I’m now a qualified ECD educator with ECD NQF level 4 and am able to assist and mentor ECD teachers in the community to implement active learning in their ECD centers. I have seen a lot of improvement in the crèches we’re working with, with some being registered with the Department of Social Welfare, some in the process of registering. For all the crèches we’re working with I see active learning taking place.”

Zanele Gumede


“ECD in Amaoti has been a very exciting experience for me. It has shown me the potential I have to influence the people around me to take education seriously from a young age. There has been transformation in the teachers and it has improved the children’s skills and learning abilities. Active learning now takes place in many of the crèches and teachers are passionate about teaching learners and developing them in all areas.

In the last year, there have been some exciting developments. Two of our crèches have undergone registration and are well on their way to registration – which has been one of our main objectives. One of the crèches also had a challenge where they had to close down due to another day care operating nearby causing many learners to leave. By God’s grace they decided to operate in a different area and have managed to continue working in their church building and now have a larger amount of school learners.”

Nauleen Luthuli


To continue positively impacting the ECD programme we’re looking for these items:

  • learning resources for ages between 0-6 years (skipping ropes, puzzles, play dough, stencils, big lego blocks)
  • bright, funky material for our bean bag project (squares of 16cm x 16cm can even pre-cut)
  • Stationary (fat kokis, crayons, powder paints, colouring books/ pages, paper, chalk)
  • scrap paper collections (children can draw on the back of them)
  • nappies, wet wipes, toilet paper
  • cleaning materials to wash floors, tables/chairs, dishes etc.
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ECD Effects – 11/13 – 01/14

Monthly ECD Theme:

Following on from last month, we continued with the theme of School Readiness as the children will be starting grade 1 next year. Focusing on fine motor skills development and shape identification, our crèche owners have been preparing the learners for their 1st year at pre-primary.

Community Involvement:

Children enjoying their Christmas gifts

Children enjoying their Christmas gifts

This month started off with a HUGE celebration for the ECD programme. Izimbali crèche, build from thin prefabs, was demolished, reconstructed and built for Primrose and her learners. Read more about the incredible story here.

As the year draws to a close, we welcome the exciting Christmas parties and goodie bag donations for the children on our ECD programme. A number of individuals and companies spent time celebrating with the children at a number of creches. Santa Shoebox donated a number of presents, filled with toiletries and toys, to 10 of our crèches. Each crèche held a Christmas party towards the end of the month with sweets, cool drinks and chips and handed out their Christmas shoeboxes filled with goodies. The children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the day as they wound down from a productive year.

Last week, all 16 crèche owners on our Afrisun Bright Start ECD programme, met together at our Domino offices to reflect on the 2013 year and complete some required paperwork. As our ECD programme is a recognised Enterprise Development contributor on the B-BBEE scorecard, we are required to ensure that certain standards are met. Each crèche owner signed affidavits to confirm the training received during the year, as well as any physical work that was carried out at their crèche. We received some positive and encouraging feedback on our effectiveness in 2013 and are looking forward to continue building this relationship next year.

We ended off the month hosting a Christmas party for each of the crèche owners and teachers on our ECD programme. It was a fantastic networking opportunity and team building event, over some hot dogs, breyani and ice creams. The day started with some praise & worship, followed by some talks by the field workers and it ended with each teacher walking away with a gift bag of goodies to say ‘Thank You’ for a fantastic year.

This years ECD #DominoEffects are below. How incredible?

2013 ECD #DominoEffects

2013 ECD #DominoEffects

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