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2016: What a year!

This year has been a time of exponential growth, tough challenges, our faith been tested and of course, many lives been changed. In 2016 alone we’ve been able to impact the lives of over 5000 individuals on a daily basis. During our journey we’ve seen 3 key areas being highlighted:

1. Increasing our areas of influence

A big cause for celebration has been The Domino Foundation moving from being a North Durban NPO to a nationwide NPO.

We’re excited to announce that The Domino Foundation’s areas of influence now include: Waterloo, Oshebni, Amanzimtoti, Inner city Durban and Cape Town. We’ve also continued to strengthen our existing relationships with donors, volunteers, NPOS and governmental departments like the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Social Development and the National Prosecuting Authority.

2.Partnering with local churches

We have loved partnering with other churches to outwork their social justice initiatives.

This year we’ve partnered with Glenridge (Durban Inner City) and The Rock (Umhlanga) through the outworking of the Red light Anti-Human Trafficking programme; Life Changers (Tableview, Cape Town) for the Recycle Swop Shop and Kingsway Church International (Amanzimtoti) to open another sandwich kitchen. As we’ve been able to share our experience, skills, knowledge and feeding expertise we’ve seen an incredible growth in the Amanzimtoti Sandwich Kitchen. In just eight months the kitchen has grown to preparing 660 sandwiches a week – an incredible growth rate!

3.Beneficiary Impact

We started the year with four programmes and expanded to seven community transformational initiatives.

Babies’ Homes – We provided a loving, family environment for 15 children in our two transitional homes with 6 babies being adopted into their ‘forever homes’.

Life Skills Programme– We worked with 4 under-resourced primary schools and 726 children on a weekly basis through lessons, one-on-one counselling sessions and after school activities – all aiming to empower learners to make wise life choices.

ECD Programme– We started the year upskilling and transforming 23 crèches into sustainable small businesses and places of active learning and increased to 44 establishments by year-end. Our work in the ECD space ensures that over children are receiving quality foundation-phase development throughout KZN.

Feeding Programme– We opened an additional kitchen to feed the south Durban basin, as well as added an additional 17 establishments (a combination of crèches/kindergartens and primary schools) to our feeding programme across KZN. By the year-end we were feeding a total of 55 establishments and averaging an incredible 98 000 meals a month!

Red light Anti-Human Trafficking – This programme joined Domino in 2016 and in 2017 we look forward to welcoming 8 ladies into our programme where they’ll be assisted, cared for, restored and released.

Recycle Swop Shops – The social justice and environmental programme joined Domino in 2016 with three swop shops operating in the Western Cape.

Bursary Programme – In 2017 the programme will fund 5 students’ tertiary education, giving them the opportunity to build themselves a future through education.

Thanks to donors and volunteers, your support has enabled us to continue changing thousands of lives through showing mercy, combatting injustice and empowering individuals throughout our beautiful country of South Africa. If you would like to partner with us for 2017 please let us know.

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Tour Durban: Cycling for change

20150426-20150426-DSC_8645Among the 5000 excited riders that cycled the aQuelle Tour Durban on the 26 April a group of Domino Foundation Development cyclists cycled for a bigger purpose, to show how sport can change lives.

As the principal beneficiary of the race the Domino Foundation has been actively involved in the Tour Durban for the last three years, entering a development team and providing volunteers. Made up of four high school learners, four teachers and the two youth workers who run the life skills programme in the Amaoti schools, the development riders were extremely excited to be cycling in Durban’s premier cycling race. Not only were the group of first-time and more experienced cyclists afforded the opportunity to experience a festive sporting event but they’re living proof of how sport can be a healthy activity for youth.

The development cyclists have been practicing their cycling skills, and are a part of the Boys Club, an after school Domino Foundation initiative that gathers together interested learners to participate in fun and healthy recreational activities. There are a few safe and productive after school activities for Amaoti learners and the Boys Club hopes to create a fun and healthy space for learners to channel their energy into.

Mickey Wilkins, CEO Domino Foundation, sees the great value of sport in the Amaoti community, the largest informal settlement in KwaZulu-Natal. “These Domino Foundation cyclists carry the message that sport can be a positive activity to pursue and that it can break the cycle of poverty and HIV. Sport also creates a sense of camaraderie and ownership and it’s a healthy way for youth to mature and thrive.”

A big thank you must be said to all the volunteers who helped on the Tour Durban weekend. School learners, corporates and enthusiastic individuals supported the Domino Foundation by helping at registration and working at the water tables. Although it may have been a long day in the sun it certainly was an enjoyable one and volunteers encouraged cyclists with an extra cheer going out to those riding in the Domino cycling gear!

In support of and to raise awareness for the recent xenophobic attacks wrist bands with the words, “Say No”, painted on them were sold at the cycling event. Any profits from these bands will be channeled directly into our Relief Kitchen, our newest feeding kitchen that provides hearty meals to families in crisis. You can read more about our Relief Kitchen here. 

The day was a huge success and we are ever so grateful for this oppourtunity to shine the light on our life-changing programmes in the Amaoti community and xenophobia. Here’s to an even better 2016 race!

20150426-20150426-DSC_8539  20150426-20150426-DSC_8670

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Community service made easy!

20150409_105706“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Community service is basically unpaid volunteering and is an awesome opportunity for you to offer your time to a worthy cause. Even though “comm serv” is not a requirement for all schools most varsities and even future bosses will look at your involvement with community organisations. It’s also a great chance to build up your CV while volunteering for something you’re actually passionate about! Here’s the lowdown on how to make your community service experience a rewarding one. Who knows, it could become a lifelong habit!

How to give back

  • Ask your L.O. teacher if community service is a requirement for your school and if there’s currently a programme in place.
  • If you want to do community service and your school doesn’t have a community service programme approach local organisations and NPO’s and ask if there’s an opportunity for you to lend a helping hand.
  • Don’t forget to get a signed letter from the organisation confirming your involvement and number of hours.

How to get the best experience

  • It’s important to go into community service with an open-mind and the ability to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in.
  • And remember, it’s important to have a positive mind and heart attitude! You’re there to get your hands dirty and really help a community, not to just tick off hours.

The Domino Foundation offers certain weeks during the year to volunteer at the organisation and rack up your community service hours. There are four, five day work weeks from that take place from 9am-2pm. These are allocated during the school holidays to allow more kids to make one of those work weeks, to maximise the hours the kids knock off and to allow kids of a similar age to get together from different schools. We take ten kids at a time and the first work week is full with the second one fast approaching!

#1 Week: 7-10 April (Monday is a public holiday)

#2 Week: 29 June – 3 July

#3 Week: 13 – 17 July

#4 Week:  5- 9 October.

Email our volunteers co-ordinator, Jess, on for more information, alternatively hop onto the Domino website here and read up on all available volunteer programmes!

20150410_103225 20150410_102421

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Xenophobia, our time to unite

20150418-DSC_7802Xenophobia, our time to unite

“Love the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing.” Deuteronomy 10:18

Amidst the violence and panic of the recent xenophobic attacks it has been amazing to witness the Durban community open up their hearts, time and pockets. The Domino Foundation has felt the immediate impacts of the attacks very deeply, not only do our projects work into the affected areas, but as an NPO called to be the change in our communities we cannot help but assist the victims.

Driven by a strong personal and biblical conviction Mickey Wilkins, Domino Foundation CEO, called on local NPOs, churches and individuals across Durban to lend a helping hand during this crisis.

“Durban’s NPO’s currently do amazing work into the development and relief in our communities, advocating for the fatherless and the widows. However, right now we have a xenophobic crisis at play in eThekweni. In Deuteronomy it also calls us to also love the foreigners residing among us, giving them food and clothing. And so that’s what we shall do.”

With this is mind the Domino Foundation felt it was our duty to combine resources with local NPOs to make a significant difference in this crisis. A partnership was formed with South African Red Cross Society to help them organise and run the refugee camp in Phoenix, and Meals on Wheels to distribution meals in the camp.

As we are currently producing 4 000 meals a day for orphaned and vulnerable children as part of our feeding project and have a fully staffed and operational feeding kitchen in Phoenix, situated a mere 5kms from the refugee camp, we were able to pledge to feed two meals a day to all refugees north of the Umgeni for the three-week period. We also prepared reparation packs for the wearisome refugees who boarded buses for their long trip back to their home countries. An incredible 41 000 meals were prepared during the two-week crisis period!

The Joint Operations Committee (JOC) at the camp allocated us the lunch meal and we have been able to provide soup, thousands of sandwiches, and a variety of other dishes, prepared in our kitchens and base in Durban North, for all 3000 at the camp (these numbers changed slightly according to the day).

We have been so encouraged by what we have witnessed in this intense two-week period, an outpouring of donations of food and needed items, the communities, schools, businesses and individuals rallying around the victims and hours of thoughtful prayer. Thank you to everyone who has assisted, your contributions have been invaluable. It is important to help with relevant aid and to this end a Facebook page has been set up to provide the latest information – please ‘like’ North Durban Refugees to receive the latest updates.

As aid agencies and churches we recognise that we are in a time of providing relief, safety and advocacy around stopping the attacks, but ahead lies further steps in the restoration of the lives of the victims and then reconciliation in our land. The Domino Foundation is ready to serve and be an active partner in this process.

So let’s stand together during these troubled times; our efforts, words and prayers can change South Africa’s future.


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Xenophobia: How to Help!

Unite against Xenophobia by feeding foreign nationals in Durban refugee camps

Durban NPO’s and the North Durban community are called upon to show the true spirit of ubuntu and assist in this time of crisis by helping to feed the families that have been displaced during the recent horrific Xenophobic attacks.

The Domino Foundation, a Durban North NPO, and the South African Red Cross Society who are international experts in crisis situations, have combined forces to help feed the four thousand plus foreign nationals currently seeking refuge in a camp in Phoenix. Together they have pledged to provide two meals a day to all foreign nationals north of the Umgeni river for a three week period and are calling on the Durban community to assist.

The Domino Foundation has a fully staffed and operational feeding kitchen in Phoenix, situated a mere 2kms from the refugee camp, and is already preparing and delivering meals to the refugee site. Refugees are being served a bowl of warm porridge in the morning, a cooked lunch from Meals on Wheels and hot soup and/or stew in the evenings. The Domino Foundation is looking for willing volunteers to prepare 4000 sandwiches during the week to be delivered to the camp for weekend meals.

The Domino Kitchen is also needing bread, peanut butter, canned mixed vegetables, rice, margarine, beans and lentils. Please drop off foodstuffs at the Domino Foundation on 37 Mackeurtan Avenue, Durban North or Red Cross on 201 Kenneth Kaunda Road, Durban North. There is also a real need for blankets, mattresses, nappies and hygiene products- these must be dropped off at Red Cross. For volunteer sandwich shifts email or phone Brenda on (+27) 84 842 6671.

Visit the Domino Foundation website at for regular updates on how to get involved and help with feeding.

Out of the darkness that has occurred through these Xenophobic attacks, it is beautiful to see the collaboration and unity between NPO’s, the Durban community and like-minded people coming together to support those in need.

The Domino Foundation is a non-profit organisation that believes in the power of a changed life. They have a range of community outreach programmes that focus on the individual, to empower, uplift and transform their lives so they too can impact the nation and others around them. They currently impact the lives of just over 4000 individuals every single day, ranging from 0 to 18 years of age. More info and exciting ways to get involved can be found at Change a life, change a community.

The South African Red Cross Society is a member organisation of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), which is the largest volunteer driven organisation on earth.

Alternatively, if you are not in Durban, you are welcome to donate financially to Domino, please use RELIEF KITCHEN as your reference.

The banking details are –
BANK: First National Bank
BRANCH NAME: Durban North
ACCOUNT NAME: The Domino Foundation
ACCOUNT TYPE: Current Account
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62070191962
VAT NUMBER: 4160255206

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Eric Ngubane runs towards his dreams

CEO Mickey Wilkins with the man of the moment, Eric Ngubane.

CEO Mickey Wilkins with the man of the moment, Eric Ngubane.

Eric Ngubane, an incredible Durban trail runner, has been selected to represent South Africa at the highest level at the World Trail Championships in France on 30 May, and is looking for community support to get there!

Eric has been running since he was a youngster, winning school cross country races and representing KwaZulu-Natal. He has won plenty of podium positions throughout his trail running career and loves the feeling of running saying, “When I run I feels free from life!” The champion athlete is a dedicated family man and works at Sport Zone in Kensington Square in Durban North.

The Cato Ridge resident is spending most of his weekends training on his farm. World champs is a highly technical course at high altitudes and the Cato Ridge environment presents more challenging running conditions and routes.

“I’m very grateful for God and everything the Durban North community have done for me. It’s a huge honour and responsibility to be representing my country at an international race. I’m going to do my best to win world champs, I won’t let everyone down!” explained Eric.

The Domino Foundation has partnered with Eric to create a dedicated management team around him to manage and help him achieve his running dreams. Mickey Wilkins, Domino Foundation CEO has personally stepped in to ensure that everything is done to support and assist the local sports hero. “First off we organised him a GPS watch to help him plan his route. As a community lets get behind Eric and support his massive potential!”

Eric is also excited about giving back and part of his agreement with Domino is his involvement with the local Domino schools. “I’m excited to give back to my community and help the kids in school to think bigger. Sport gives you the opportunity to commit yourself to something wholeheartedly, develop discipline and keep out of trouble. This running journey isn’t all about me,” explained Eric.

Riverside Trails have generously organised a trail run on the the 22nd March at Burman Bush with proceeds going towards helping Eric reach his big race in France in May. For entries visit

If your company is able to assist Eric, The Domino Foundation is able to assist with a Section 18a Tax receipt and B-BBEE points for SED, with 100% of the proceeds go towards supporting Eric.

Let’s help Eric run for his dreams!

Photo by Anthony Grote.

Photo by Anthony Grote.

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Betting on a bright future

A Feature Image (3)Imagine not having a pen in class? Or a coloured pencil in art class? Unfortunately that’s the dark reality for some of the learners in the Life Skills lessons at the four schools in Amaoti. But thanks to Krugerbets stationary donation no child will be unable to work in class because of lack of stationary.

A big thank you must be said to Krugerbets who donated a generous amount of funds which were used to purchase much needed stationery packs for all the students in the life skills. Theses stationery packs consisted of pens, pencils, erasers and coloured paper, a deceivingly expensive affair for both parents and teachers.

As part of the new curriculum outlined by the Department of Education ‘artistic expression’ is now a requirement for the school syllabus. These new colourful stationery packs will go a long way in making art lessons more exciting and stimulating for the learners!

The next step in building a creative learning environment is upskilling teachers to use these wonderful resources to their full potential. The Life Skills team would love some artistic people to assist the Amaoti teachers with creative class ideas and skills and to even possibly run art workshops.

Betting on a bright future

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The Domino Christmas Story

This Christmas we wanted to spread the festive joy by placing a toy in the hand of as many underprivileged children as possible Photo 2014-12-10, 10 17 22 AM (2)in the Amaoti community. On the 28th of November we organised an event to gather presents together so that we could make this Christmas a special one for the hundreds of kids who are in a creche on our ECD programme.

The day was an incredible, all-round success with businesses such as Megapile, Donald Insurance Brokers, Nexia International, Platinum Consulting and Vopac coming in to wrap hundreds of presents.

JAM also made a donation that allowed every child to receive a pair of shoes and a facecloth with their toy. An abundance of toys also allowed us to distribute excess to other charities.

1442 presents were individually wrapped and sent out to 1442 smiling faces in Amaoti. Thank you to every person who either donated or wrapped these gifts , your contribution has truly made a difference in the lives of so many.

The Wrapping & Packing:



Photo 2014-12-10, 10 17 22 AM (1)Photo 2014-12-10, 10 17 22 AM

The Distribution:








DSCN1777 DSCN1886 DSCN1895

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ECD Effect 11/14

This past Saturday we hosted a Creche Owner Christmas Party in Amaoti. This was a time to gather all 32 creche owners and staff and thank them for a year of hard work. They have invested their time and talents into educating the little stars of our future and we would like to thank them for partnering with The Domino Foundation in impacting the lives of over 1000 children each day!

There was an abundance of joy and dance at the party and an incredible time was had by all! We’re excited for the new year ahead and to achieve new goals and impact the community.


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Life Skills Effect 11/14

Throughout the year, some incredible happenings have taken place through our Life Skills Programme – awesome events, teachings and community outreaches. Once again, this month we want to make special mention of one of the ladies who works behind the scenes of this programme. Judy Carter, our Home Affairs Liason works hard every month to ensure that every child and adult has an identity: in the form of a birth certificate and ID book.

Life Skills (3)In the month of November, 5 ID books and 2 birth certificates were obtained – this is an amazing feat when you come to terms with the chaos that is Home Affairs and the ‘cloudy’ backgrounds of some of the people that Judy helps every day.

More and more adults come forward in need of birth certificates (as without one, you cannot obtain an ID) and this task of getting them one continues to get harder as Home Affairs changes their processes. Late registration for birth certificates of people over the age of 16 also ends for good at the end of next year, making many people come forward needing help, some even elderly.

There was one occasion where a young mother tried to get a birth certificate for her child only to be told that the was listed as “male” so could not have given birth. She had a letter from the hospital for the birth of the baby with her ID number on it. The ID number specifies gender. i.e. ID number starts with your birth date, year, month, day if the next number is a 5 it says you are a man. I took her to Amaoti Clinic and saw the Matron who saw us immediately, did a complete examination and issued us with the necessary certificate confirming she is a woman. Home Affairs have now accepted all the documents.

Judy also took two children to Joanne Kalil Opticians as they were having difficulty reading in class. They both needed glasses which have been provided. These kids will now be more equipped in their learning! A big “Thank you” to Joanne for her support in providing the consultations and glasses for free.

A6FD A6FE (1)Photo0011


We’d like honour Judy for all the amazing work she does with the people in Amaoti and thank her once again for all of her efforts in impacting a community!


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