Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetA cot. So small. So seemingly unimportant. Used, in some shape or form, by every person on the planet for a brief period in the story that is life. Yet a cot plays a fundamental role in changing a child’s life FOREVER.

Our two abandoned babies homes run 24/7 to nurture, love and protect the discarded children of our city. They have been established to help place these little kiddies in a loving family home and provide for them a future full of possibilities. But that’s easier said than done.

We need R50 000 every month to run our 2 homes. That’s two households, with 12 children that don’t age.

What? How is that last part even possible?

Well, as far as abandoned babies homes go, our goal is to have each child adopted by a loving family unit, be it here in South Africa or overseas. What this means for the home is that as one baby leaves us a new baby is then placed with us. So essentially, our carers have loved on a 1 year old baby everyday for the past 12 years. That’s continually purchasing nappies, formula, baby clothes, feeding every 3 hours or so, sleepless nights and a host of other gloriously exciting motherly tasks to perform, day in, day out, each year. Usually in a family household, children grow up out of the infancy stage into toddlers and finally into adulthood, thus mothers get to move out of the changing nappies stage (relief!) and into other exciting life stages. But this isn’t so for our carers.

But what makes it all worth it, is seeing the love on the new parents faces as they embrace their child for the first time once the adoption has gone through. The tears of joy of finally being a complete family unit after years of unsuccessfully falling pregnant for whatever reason or complication. The excitement of the child as they proclaim: “this is my mommy” or “I’m going home with my daddy,” as the social worker declares that the adoption has been approved.

So here is where you can help.

We’re needing R50 000 per month to operate so that we can continue to give children the love they so desperately deserve and parents the children they so deeply desire. If 250 people donated just R200 per month, we would be able to guarantee countless children a safe and loving home with a beautiful future ahead of them. To live. To achieve. To change the world for the better.

If this is something that you can support and an initiative that you would love to be a part of we have launched our ‘Adopt-A-Cot’ drive that allows you to change an individual’s life FOREVER.

For just R200 per month your name will be engraved on a plaque and placed on a cot at our homes. Every 6 months, we’ll send you updates, photos and details of each child that has spent a night in YOUR cot and how you (and your cot) have contributed to their changed life. It’s simple, adopt a cot for R200 per month and you’ll be changing countless lives.

3 ways of setting up a monthly donation:

1. An easy way for you to donate is to use Zapper and set up a monthly debit on your card. Zapper is super easy and super quick and the monthly donation will expire at the same time as your card! Simply scan the QR code below, select monthly debit and click accept. It’s that easy!


2. You can setup a debit order by contacting your bank yourself, (our bank details are below if needed)

BANK: First National Bank
BRANCH NAME: Durban North
ACCOUNT NAME: The Domino Foundation
ACCOUNT TYPE: Current Account
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62070191962
VAT NUMBER: 4160255206

Reference: AdoptACot[surname]

3. We can set one up for you. Simply follow this link (click here), complete the form and send it back to us. (Drop it off at our offices or the home itself). Then kindly send an email to and we can send you an info pack.

#KnowYourNPO #AdoptACot

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